Compiling for OSX on Intel

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Compiling for OSX on Intel

Post by johnawolf »

Hi all -

I was wondering if anyone had attempted to compile NEURON on an OSX Intel box yet, and if so, what the results were. Are there any inherent problems in this that we should be aware of, or should it be straightforward?

I just found out I will have access to one soon if this needs to be tested still.


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Post by hines »

See: ... n8.4.0.dmg
As of 5.8.125 the tar.gz sources should build on the i686-apple
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no gui

Post by bhalterm »

I just tried to install Neuron on my new intel mac. I followed the directions, and then realized I didn't have X11 installed yet when the gui didn't show up when I tried to run the demo. I had to install X11 from the disk, and had to reinstall the whole system with the custom X11 optional installation (it wouldn' t let me install X11 by itself- wierd). Then I repeated the configure...make...make install steps for interviews and neuron just because it felt like the right thing to do (I have no idea what I'm doing, thanks for your patience). When I tried to run the demo again, the gui still didn't show up. I noticed the message,

"Warning: no DISPLAY environment variable.
--No graphics will be displayed."

EDIT: See Topic, "Warning: no DISPLAY environment variable."
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