Use SEClamp instead of VClamp

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Use SEClamp instead of VClamp

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It is almost never necessary to use VClamp. For one thing, VClamp won't work with
CVODE. SEClamp (Single Electrode Clamp) is just an ideal voltage source in series
with a resistance, while VClamp is a model of a two electrode voltage clamp with this
equivalent circuit:

Code: Select all

                  +-|\____rstim____>to cell
  -amp --'\/`-------|/
                  |___    __|-----/|___from cell
                      `'`'        \|
If your goal is to study the properties of a cell, use SEClamp.
If your goal is to study single electrode clamp artifacts, use SEClamp (which gives you
series resistance), or use the Linear Circuit Builder to set up a model of the actual
circuitry of a single electrode clamp (so you can specify amplifier bandwidth etc.).
Use VClamp if and only if your goal is to study instrumentation artefacts of an imperfect
two electrode clamp (is anybody still using those?).
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