RPM does not work on CentOS 6

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RPM does not work on CentOS 6

Post by david.noriega »

I've tried to install the latest version, 7.3, on CentOS 6 but the package complains about glibc. Seems it was compiled on a system with a higher version then what CentOS 6 uses(2.12). I'm guessing this wasn't compiled on a RedHat/CentOS system. Is there a srpm available so that I can rebuild it? Using the rpm is best as it makes installing/managing on a cluster much easier.
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Re: RPM does not work on CentOS 6

Post by hines »

I'm afraid there is no srpm available. Instead there is only a nrn*.tar.gz file which you extract and do a ./configure ; make ; make install.
But note for a cluster, I presume you want an mpi version so you would need ./configure --with-paranrn
and if a gui is not desired then also use the --without-x option
and if you wish to have python as a possible interpreter the add the --with-nrnpython option
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