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I am trying to implement a closed-loop controller of stimulation parameters in Neuron v7.1. Electrical stimulation is delivered to a population of neurons using the extracellular mechanism, and biopotentials are recorded from activated neurons. The Neuron simulation is then terminated, and the biopotentials are analyzed in an external program to update stimulation parameters for the subsequent Neuron simulation run. I have been using the SaveState feature to restore the "t, voltage, state and event values" from the end of the previous simulation for the subsequent simulation. However, the intracellular transmembrane potential recordings generated across simulations are not smooth at the transition points, and I am trying to figure out why this is the case. Please let me know what I can provide to you to help diagnose this problem.

Thank you.
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Re: SaveState

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There have been a lot of bug fixes since 7.1, so my first suggestion is that you switch to the latest NEURON 7.3 and see if that takes care of the problem.
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