the `-' in a prompt

When Python is the interpreter, what is a good
design for the interface to the basic NEURON

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the `-' in a prompt

Post by btorb »

Dear, I'm encountering a small but annoying problem.It might be caused be caused by bad programming but still it deserves a solution. Normally when you add the "-" (dash) at the end of a nrniv command, neuron is not quitting after the last command. Now i want to obtain the same result when loading a simulation from python. As replied in another post of this forum, the "nrniv -python <pythonfile>" doesn't work at my system, so i cannot add the dash. when executing the file as "python <py_file_with_nrn_statements>" it works. However (due to the aforementioned bad programming), when i hit the stop button in the runcontrol, the whole simulation ends and neuron ends. Is there a way to load a python file, run it from python and not quit neuron after pressing the stop button?

Thanks, Ben

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Re: the `-' in a prompt

Post by hines »

nrniv -python
does not exit but stops with the >>> prompt.
I do not know how to do the same with
The first line should work. Can you point me to the post that
mentions the problem with the first line?

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Re: the `-' in a prompt

Post by mattions »

You can use ipython:

Launch it

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and at the prompt:

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In [1]: run
it will execute the file and give you the prompt

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Re: the `-' in a prompt

Post by apdavison »

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python -i

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