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I tried using this method in version 7.2 and I get an error saying it doesn't exist. I think I can accomplish what I would like to by using the windows api, I just thought perhaps the documentation should up be updated if this is no longer supported, or fixed if it is supported.


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nrniv: winio_show undefined function
 near line 3
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Re: winio_show

Post by hines »

Thanks for the note. The documentation is in error. Astonishingly, the name is not 'winio_show' but 'show_winio'.
However, even under its proper name it hasn't worked since Mac OS 9 and MSWIn 95 many years ago. Back then
the terminal was a part of the NEURON executable and so had to control the creation, hiding, position, etc of the
terminal. However, since then, one typically launches nrniv from an existing terminal window or else from another
program which properly directs stdio. I've updated the documentation ... show_winio
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