Step 4. Load the Experimental Data into the iclamp Run Fitness Generator

This actually involves two steps : loading data into the iclamp Run Fitness Generator, and testing the generator.

A. Loading data into the Run Fitness Generator

We'll do the same as in the first tutorial : read the data into NEURON's clipboard, and then paste it into the Generator.

  1. NEURON Main Menu / Vector / Retrieve from File
  2. Navigate the directory tree and choose iclamp.dat, which contains the data.
  3. In the iclamp Run Fitness Generator, click on Regions / Data from Clipboard

We recall from the first tutorial that the red trace is our data, and the vertical blue lines are the cursors for setting the "optimization regions."

B. Testing the Run Fitness Generator

Now we should be able to do a little test of our iclamp Run Fitness Generator :
clicking on its Error Value button should launch a simulation, producing a trace that shows the trajector of soma.v(0.5) and reporting an error value as shown here.

Project management time again!

After doing all that work on the MRF, let's save it to a session file. The same file name as before will be fine, i.e.
Make sure you save the MRF itself, not the iclamp Run Fitness Generator.

Also, we should probably make a new init...hoc file that we can use to automatically load the model and the MRF (instead of having to start init_iclamprawmodel.hoc, wait for it to complete a simulation, and then manually use the Main Menu's File / load session to retrieve

So let's copy init_iclamprawmodel.hoc to init_iclampopt.hoc,
and then change init_iclampopt.hoc so that it reads like this :


Next we specify the model parameters that are to be adjusted.

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