Download and install

Version 7.3 is the current standard distribution; this is recommended for most users, especially for new projects. These installers are the most convenient way to put it on your PC or Mac. If an older version is already installed, uninstall it first.
Mac dmg for OS X 10.6 (32 bit) or OS X 10.7 and later (64 bit)
After downloading, double click on it, then drag the NEURON-n.n folder into the Applications folder.
Troubleshooting and other information.
MSWin setup.exe for
After downloading, double click on it and follow the instructions.
Troubleshooting and other information.
RedHat/CentOS rpm for 32 bit (i386/i686) or 64 bit (amd86/x86_64)
As root, type
     rpm --install filename
where filename is the name of the rpm file. This will install NEURON in /usr/local/nrn, and InterViews in /usr/local/iv
Troubleshooting and other information.
Debian/Ubuntu deb file for 32 bit (i386/i686) or 64 bit (amd86/x86_64)
Double-click the deb package on the desktop, or in a terminal as root type
     dpkg -i filename
where filename is the name of the deb file.

Other installers
Eilif Muller has prepared several NEURON installers for ipython Debian/Ubuntu Linux and for OS X, and has made them available at

NEURON users who are interested in developing and distributing other non-rpm installers are welcome to do so, and we encourage them to notify us of the availability of such installers.

Compiling the standard distribution from source code

If your operating system is not listed above, or if you need to customize the installation (e.g. change the location of binaries, or the number of layers used by extracellular), you should instead get the source code for the standard distribution and compile it on your own machine.

Prior versions

Prior versions are available for the convenience of users with legacy code. These are not for starting new projects, since no new features or bug fixes will be provided.

Alpha versions and development code

"Alpha" version installers and development code are for those who need to stay up-to-date with the very latest changes in NEURON, or who are contributing new tools and features. Relatively few users will need this.