Invitation to model authors to use ModelDB

Where are they and what do they have?

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Invitation to model authors to use ModelDB

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Michael Hines <> wrote>

As of 5/20/2005, source code for 162 published models is freely available
from ModelDB

ModelDB is a searchable database for convenient storage, viewing,
and retrieval of source code for published computational models
of neurons and networks. It is designed to stimulate the wider
acceptance and growth of computational neuroscience by
facilitating reproducibility and attributed reuse of models.

ModelDB is "programming language neutral." Currently it has
entries written for C/C++, FORTRAN, GENESIS, MATLAB, NEURON,
SNNAP, and XPP, most of which are ready to run. Each model
entry has links to the scientific literature to put it in the
broader context of neuroscience research.

Authors of published models are invited to contact Michael Hines
( for assistance with entering their code
into ModelDB.

If your published model is already available on the web, we'd
like to link to it. Simply send Michael the URL and the PubMed
ID number of your modeling paper (if the latter is not available,
then a bibliographic reference is fine).

ModelDB is part of the SenseLab Project
and has close links to NeuronDB
which contains information about cellular properties that are
relevant to computational modeling.
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