Introducing the nmodl_preprocessor

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David McDougall
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Introducing the nmodl_preprocessor

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I'm proud to announce my program: the "nmodl_preprocessor".

The nmodl_preprocessor optimizes your NMODL files to run faster and use less memory.
It can yeild up to 15% performance improvements.

How it works:
1) First this program scans through all of your simulation's source code in order to better optimize it. This includes all hoc, ses, inc, and python files.
2) Then this program optimizes the NMODL files and compiles them using nrnivmodl, to produce the magic "x86_64/special" files.


Code: Select all

pip install nmodl_preprocessor

cd ./myProjectDirectory/

nmodl_preprocessor .
The simulation results should not change, but be warned this program still has a few known bugs in it! Your simulation results should be identical with both nmodl_preprocessor and nrnivmodl. Please always remember to sanity check your results.

This program is not compatible with nrngui!


I hope you find this useful.
Sincerely, David McDougall.
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