Looking for Model

Where are they and what do they have?

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Looking for Model

Post by AndiL »

Hey Everybody!

I was looking for a Model (or actually 3) which are described to be used in the following paper:
AG Richardson et al. Modelling the Effects of Electric Fields on Nerve Fibres: Influence of the Myelin Sheath, MBEC, 38 (4), 2000, 438-446.

i was looking for them on the internet now the whole weekend but just couldnt find them. as ted is mentioned to be one of the modellers i thought you might find it anywhere??

i would really need them as a part of my thesis. so id more then appreciate it finding them :)
lots of thanks in advance. hope you can help me...

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Re: Looking for Model

Post by ted »

as ted is mentioned to be one of the modellers
I beg your pardon--what's MEBC, who is AG Richardson, and what's my connection with him or her? Have you checked ModelDB for models by this author? If you find one, but not exactly this one, read the associated paper's methods section to discover if they used the same model. If that fails, try contacting the authors.
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