Usage of simConfig.recordDipolesHNN

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Usage of simConfig.recordDipolesHNN

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I'm fairly new to NetPyNE in general, and am trying to record the current dipole moment over time within my network, copying what HNN does. I see that there is a simConfig option called "recordDipolesHNN" which seems to be what I want to use, at least according to its name. There is also a separate option called "recordDipole" but I do not know what the difference between these methods are.

My questions are as follows:
1. How is recordDipolesHNN used? I have not found much documentation for this, nor any examples.
2. What is the difference between recordDipolesHNN and recordDipole?
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Re: Usage of simConfig.recordDipolesHNN

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Re: Usage of simConfig.recordDipolesHNN

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the difference is regarding how the dipoles are obtained. For the option recordDipole, NetPyNE uses the external package LFPykit, whereas for recordDipolesHNN, the calculation is based on a mod file (dipole.mod). You may take a look in the example at ... cortex/mod

I hope this helps. Best,

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