output: numbers instead of graph

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output: numbers instead of graph

Post by Johannes »

I usually plot my outputs in graphs, now, however, I need to extract some exact numbers from my output. I'm sure there is a very simple way to list the output in numerical format...?
Thanks, Johannes
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saving numerical results to a file

Post by ted »

One way to save the sequence of (x,y) coordinates to a file is to
use the Print & File Window Manager (PFWM) to Print / Ascii.
On the FAQ page
see the link called
How do I print a hard copy of a NEURON window?

You can also "pick" a vector from a graph to NEURON's clipboard.
1. Click on the graph's menu box to bring up its primary menu,
then select Pick Vector.
2. Click on the trace you want to copy to NEURON's clipboard.
The trace will turn red while the mouse button is pressed.
3. NEURON Main Menu / Vector / Save to File

Both of these require a lot of manual intervention. The're convenient for one-time
use, but they get tedious after two or three repetitions.

A strategy that is easier to automate is to use the Vector class's record() method
to capture time and variables of interest, and then use the File class's methods
to write these values to disk. With just a little programming you can even generate
indexed file names automatically.
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