Here are some potentially helpful resources for NEURON users and others who employ computational modeling in neuroscience research and teaching.

A multidisciplinary set of related databases designed to support experimental and theoretical research on neurons and neural systems.
One of the components of SenseLab, ModelDB is a database of published computational neuroscience models.
SimToolDB: Third party tools for NEURON
SimToolDB is a database of tools that may be useful for computational modeling of neurons and neural systems.
Neurons in Action
written by John Moore and Ann Stuart (Sunderland MA 2007, Sinauer Associates), is a book and CD-ROM that present a set of interactive tutorials for teaching neurophysiology to students at all levels.
Source code for exercises
from Bill Lytton's book "From Computer to Brain" (New York 2002, Springer-Verlag).
by Arthur Houweling, a GUI-based NEURON tool for performing the computational experiments described in the book "Electrophysiology of the Neuron" by John Huguenard and David McCormick (New York 1994, Oxford University Press). We link to the curated version from ModelDB; an older version is available from but is not guaranteed to work with recent releases of NEURON.