NEURON-related presentations at the 2012 SFN meeting

As ted mentioned in his blog a couple of days ago, we're trying to discover all of the presentations at this year's SFN meeting--well, as many as possible--and listing them at Today the count has gone up to 35. Check it out, and if we missed your talk or poster, tell us and we'll add it to the list!

Tally 49 on 10/08, more likely to come

Our network of authors and informants has ferreted out another 14 presentations. The total is likely to grow, as several field agents have yet to report to us . . .

55 as of Saturday, 10/13

Finding more reports of work done with NEURON. The next three days look likely to reveal several more.

65 as of Sunday, 10/14

The latest 10 were revealed partly by tips from informers, partly by wandering around the posters and looking for likely suspects.