NEURON at the 2011 Society for Neuroscience meeting

The 2011 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience starts in just a few days, and once again I am trying to assemble a list of presentations that report work that was done with NEURON. So far I have identified 21 papers, which you can see here:

I know there are more to be found, but strict limits on abstract length prevent authors from including all but the most essential information. So if you know of anything else that should be added or other changes that should be made, please contact me

ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu

or submit a comment to this blog post, and I will revise the list.

New tally as of 11/12/2011

The count has increased to 39, thanks to replies from NEURON users to the email query I sent out a couple of days ago. I bet there are still more to be found. See you at the meeting!

Found 5 more today!

This afternoon at the meeting I discovered 5 more presentations that report work done with NEURON, and today wasn't even particularly prolific with modeling posters. That brings the total to 44.

And 4 more makes 48

Four more found today. Tomorow and Tuesday already have lots of modeling papers, many of which I know to involve NEURON, but there may be more yet.

Monday update: 53

53 posters as of today, Monday, Nov. 14. Seems likely to top 60 by the end of the meeting.

Total discovered as of 11/20/2011: 63

By the end of Tuesday, Nov. 15, I had identified 61, and on Wednesday, Nov. 16, I found two more, for a total of 63. There are a couple more that I didn't get to see but suspect might turn out to have used NEURON--will ask the authors to confirm.