NEURON at CNS 2014 meeting

Course Information


26 July 2016


Quebec City Convention Center, room 2103


A half-day tutorial on new developments in NEURON, highlighting Python, reaction-diffusion, NEURON-interfacing, ModelDB, and more.

Course materials will be linked from here as they become available.

Presentation Schedule:

  1. Use of NEURON for multiscale modeling (Bill Lytton)
  2. Use of the Python interpreter to work with hoc/nrniv objects (Sam Neymotin) [Code]
  3. Reaction-diffusion (RxD) modeling techniques in NEURON (Robert A. McDougal, Anna Bulanova) [Slides] [Code]
  4. Design of large networks (Cliff Kerr) [Code]
  5. NEURON interfacing: robots, sense inputs, mean fields models (Salvador Dura-Bernal) [Slides] [Code]
  6. Finding and understanding models in ModelDB: ModelSearch and ModelView (Robert A. McDougal) [Slides]
  7. Combining NEURON and matplotlib graphics (Bill Lytton) [Code]