couldn't change directory back to: patdemo

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couldn't change directory back to: patdemo

Post by Corinne »

Hello, perhaps this is more of unix path problem than and NEURON problem but I hope you can help me.

I am running NEURON on Ubuntu and it successfully works when I create my own simple files.

However, I am trying to run the Mainen and Sejnowski 1996 model in the patdemo folder. As the README.txt file states I compiled the .mod files by typing the command 'nrnivmodl'. Everything appears to compile fine as it returns the statement, 'Successfully created x86_64/special'.

However, then when I type the command 'nrngui demofig1.hoc', the shell returns the following text with an error:

Code: Select all

NEURON -- Release 7.1 (359:7f113b76a94b) 2009-10-26
Duke, Yale, and the BlueBrain Project -- Copyright 1984-2008

loading membrane mechanisms from /usr2/cteeter/patdemo/x86_64/.libs/
Additional mechanisms from files
 cad.mod ca.mod kca.mod km.mod kv.mod na.mod
/usr/local/nrn/x86_64/bin/nrniv: Couldn't change directory back to: patdemo
 in /usr/local/nrn/share/nrn/lib/hoc/nrngui.hoc near line 1
nrniv: unable to open font "*helvetica-medium-r-normal*--14*", using "fixed"
/usr/local/nrn/x86_64/bin/nrniv: can't open demofig1.hoc
It appears it has a problem switching back to the patdemo directory after it retrieves the necessary .mod files from the x86_64 folder. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

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Re: couldn't change directory back to: patdemo

Post by hines »

Are there any spaces in the path to patdemo?
You could try a more recent version from
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