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1. Please try to post your messages to the relevant discussion group.

2. Collegial behavior is the expected norm. Other fora admonish against spam,
flaming, verbal abuse, obscenity, copyright violation, etc., but we hardly think it
necessary here. In the unlikely event of such unwelcome behavior, the
administrators and moderators of the NEURON Forum will deal with it by issuing
a warning, editing or deleting part or all of any post, and/or restriction or revocation
of privileges as may seem fit.

3. Every registered user is expected to have a valid email address. Invalid email
addresses generate "bounced mail" messages that pile up in my inbox. Users
whose email addresses repeatedly produce bounced mail messages will be sent
ONE and ONLY ONE request, via the Forum's message service, to fix the problem.
Failure to respond to this request in a timely manner is cause for being banned from
the Forum.

4. This is a neuroscience forum, not a bulletin board for advocacy, nor a dumping ground
for advertisements of commercial or illicit goods or services. Any member whose email
address or WWW site is a link to anything that does not pertain directly to neuroscience
will be banned. Posts that include such links will be deleted and the poster will be banned.