Time dependent NetCon weight

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Time dependent NetCon weight

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I wonder how is it possible to implement a NetCon whose weight is time dependent.
What I want to achieve is that every time an event is fired through that NetCon, a different weight will be used.
Is that already implemented somehow? If not, how is it possible to implement that?
Thank you!
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Re: Time dependent NetCon weight

Post by ted »

is it possible to implement a NetCon whose weight is time dependent.
This is generally not what people want to do. Usually they want an event-driven point process whose response to an event will vary from event to event. The most typical case is synaptic plasticity, e.g. short term synaptic facilitation or depression, or long term associative or non-associative potentiation or depression. Another case is stochastic variation of synaptic quantal content or quantal size. And of course one could imagine use-dependent plasticity of the number of vesicles available for release, or of the probability of release of an individual vesicle (but AFAIK noone has requested this . . . yet). All of these phenomena can be implemented via statements in the NET_RECEIVE block of the NMODL source code that specifies the properties of the synaptic mechanism.

Other things are also possible, but rather than indulge in endless speculation it would be more productive to address exactly what you have in mind. That could be done in open discussion here in the forum, but if you'd like to take this discussion private, contact me
ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu
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