input capacitance and membrane area and....

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input capacitance and membrane area and....

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I'm very new in coputational neurosceince and NEURON. I hope you don't find my questions funny,

I like to know whta's the relation between

1- input capacitance and membrane area?
2-input capacitance and membrane capacitance?
3- input resistance and membrance resistance?

thank you!
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Post by ted »

These basic concepts should be covered in any introductory book or course on cellular
biophysics or neurophysiology. Try Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology by Johnston
& Wu. Also try Wikipedia or just search the WWW; searching for membrane capacitance
produces these two excellent hits on the first page of results:
Why don't you give those and other "existing resources" a try and see if they answer
more questions than they raise?

Now two administrative matters.

The "Getting started" topic area is for NEURON-specific issues, not generic quesions
about cellular neurophysiology. After you have read this message, I will move this
thread to the "General questions and discussions about computational neuroscience"
area of this forum, where it will be of most benefit to other forum users with similar

On a different matter: the email address you provided when you registered with the Forum
is not valid and will produce bounced mail messages that land in my inbox. Could you
please fix it?
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