Can I control a exp2syn in GUI?

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Can I control a exp2syn in GUI?

Post by gogo »

I'm trying to use a exp2syn to inert current into the dendrite.
I find I can easily use the GUI to inert and control an AlphaSynapse.
But it seems I can only write some code to do the same thing to Exp2Syn.
Am I right? I've tried to check the NEURON Book, but I failed.

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Post by ted »

You can use a Point Process Manager to manage an ExpSyn or Exp2Syn, but you
will need to write some hoc code to send events to the synaptic mechanism.
Example: suppose the Point Process Manager tells you that your Exp2Syn is called
Exp2Syn[0]. Then you need some code that creates a NetStim, and a NetCon that
conveys the events generated by the NetStim to Exp2Syn[0].

Code: Select all

objref ns, nc
ns = new NetStim()
// statements that specify the firing properties of ns
 . . .
nc = new NetCon(ns, Exp2Syn[0])
// statements that specify the weight and latency of nc
 . . .
This is a bit risky because you are using the "real" name of the Exp2Syn, which contains
a computer-generated "index" that will be different if you create another Exp2Syn first.
However, this is unavoidable in this circumstance.
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