diameter in shape plot

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diameter in shape plot

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I'm using a shape plot to look at basal dendrites, and am having a problem when using the "show diam" option so the dendrites will appear to have the correct topography. the dendrites are quite small (diam=0.4-2) and when looking at a larger system it is nearly impossible to see the dendrites and observe their color changes due to very thin (often invisible) lines. Is there a way to modify something so that all the line widths wider in this view (ie. diameter of 0.5 will correspond to 4 pixels wide and not 1 pixel such that the dendrites tend to be invisible)?

i have a feeling the variable or whatnot to change this may be buried in the source code somewhere, but if someone could point me in the direction I would be fine changing it/recompiling. thank you,

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Diameters too small in Shape plot? Use len_scale

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See: http://www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron/stati ... #len_scale
To try it out, figure out the PlotShape instance with the shape menu's View.../ObjectName item and then
forall PlotShape[0].len_scale(.2)
This will reduce all plotted lengths by a factor of 5 without changing the physical lengths. It will also screw up the appearance of the soma so you may which to create a SectionList of just the sections you want to scale.
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