Printing to PostScript under Windows XP

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Printing to PostScript under Windows XP

Post by korogod »

NEURON -- Version 5.8 2005-5-2 13:16:27 rel5_7_159 (1) under MS Windows XP:
Printing from the PFWM to PostScript produces an empty file.

In nrn.def, the line

*pwm_postscript_filter: sed -f $N/lib/psfilt.sed

is exactly as advised in FAQ at
but doesn't work.
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Post by hines »

Some versions have had cygwin problems with
the system("command") which is used by
the postscript print processing. Try executing
the following command from hoc to see if your
version of neuron needs to be updated.
should print the current working directory if
system() is functional. If not then uninstall and
try installing
the mswin version at
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