removing a point process

Using the graphical user interface to build and exercise models. Includes customizing the GUI by writing a little bit of hoc.
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removing a point process

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Hello to everybody,

I'm a freshly registered user of the forum - nice to meet you all.

I'm quite new to Neuron as well. I am reading books and help pages and trying to play around with the software on a mac. In particular, I'm trying to check out in how far I can efficiently model without writing code, but just using the GUI.
What just happened to me, is that I played around with a cell created with the CellBuilder and added a bunch of point processes to it -IClamp, VClamp and synapses. How can I now remove them from the cell using the GUI?

Thank you!
Take care
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Re: removing a point process

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First an aside: let me (strongly) suggest that you avoid using VClamp and use SEClamp instead--see
Use SEClamp instead of VClamp
in the Forum's Hot Tips area

You can discard any point process by clicking on the "Close" button of the Point Process Manager (PPM) that you used to create it.

I should also mention that a PPM can be reconfigured, as many times as you like, to be any kind of point process you wish. For example, suppose you have a PPM configured as an IClamp and you want to change it to an SEClamp. Just click on the PPM's SelectPointProcess button and select SEClamp from the menu. Poof, the IClamp is gone, and you now have an SEClamp at the same location.
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