Plotting the AlphaSynapse current, what units?

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Plotting the AlphaSynapse current, what units?

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Hi. Very simple question but I can't seem to figure it out.

Applying a conductance change via an AlphaSynapse, when I plot the current from from the AlphaSynapse (Graph>either current or voltage graph>plot what?>object>AlphaSynapse>i).
These are my parameters:
syn = new AlphaSynapse(0.9)
syn.tau = 0.1
syn.onset= 50
syn.gmax = 1
syn.e = -80

-to simulate a typical thalamocortico neuron's IPSCs. The current plots vs time and peaks around 3.6. My question is, what is 3.6?
Cannot be in uS as my gmax is 1uS.
Besides, 1uS itself is very large.

uS/cm^2? nA? I've done some rudimentary maths but the numbers do not match up.
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Re: Plotting the AlphaSynapse current, what units?

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Suggest one or more of the following:
--for a targeted answer, reading about AlphaSynapse in the Programmer's Reference--see link at top of any page of NEURON's web site
--for a conceptual refresher as well as a principled answer, reading chapter 5 of The NEURON Book, or this article
Hines, M.L. and Carnevale, N.T.
The NEURON simulation environment.
Neural Computation 9:1179-1209, 1997
(latter is available from
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