Plotting the Network of a Model

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Plotting the Network of a Model

Post by neurosciencesado »

Hi guys,

I am trying to plot the network of a model uploaded in ModelDB. Although I can see the space plot while the code is running, when it comes to end of code it disappears suddenly. What might be the reason for this problem? Since there are lots of template and hoc files, I could only write the main part of the code to the below.

Thanks for your kindly interest and help.

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func onerun() {local id, num, ipspg, pyrthr, basketthr, pyr_spike_tau, bask_spike_tau, bask_perc, temp_time, temp_tau,ii localobj pc, fo, fo1, forast
	id= hoc_ac_
	pc = new ParallelContext()
	s=new Shape()
	{pr  = new TGbignet2()} ////main program to build the network and generate stimuli and noise
	if(doextra) {
		print "Doing EXTRACELLULAR stuff.....    ....."
		setelec(-50, 0, 0)
	print "id_world number ", pc.id_world, "  id_bbs ", pc.id_bbs, "  id   ", id, "  ", 
	runningTime = startsw()

	bask_perc=$3  //percentage of inhibitory connections that are allowed to exist
	prinit(bask_perc,ipspg,g_ind)   //added this extra function to allow for non-pr functions.  The input is passed to connectNetwork as the connthr
	normmean=0    //can set this to $5 if useful in the future

	print pyr_spike_tau
	print "pyr_spike_tau"
	{ pr.activatePyrSynapses(pyr_spike_tau,pyr_nospike_tau) }
	{ pr.activateAntSynapses(pyr_spike_tau,pyr_nospike_tau) }
	{ pr.activateBaskSynapses(bask_spike_tau,bask_nospike_tau) }
	{ pr.addAntennaDC(antennaDC) }, pyrthr, ipspg, basketthr)	
	forast = new File()
	sprint(cmd, "data/spikes_b%4.2f_p%4.2f_g%4.2f_f%d.dat", bask_spike_tau, pyr_spike_tau, ipspg,bask_perc)
	{ forast.wopen(cmd) }
	t_curr = 0
	while (t_curr < Tstop-dt){ //include the '-dt' to account for rounding error; otherwise, may get error in writeVoltages
		print "Time = ",t_curr
		if(t_curr + t_seg < Tstop) {
			{ pr.pnm.pcontinue(t_curr+t_seg)}
		} else {
		for i=0, pr.pnm.spikevec.size-1 {
			forast.printf("%-10.6lf, %d\n", pr.pnm.spikevec.x[i], pr.pnm.idvec.x[i])
		pr.writeVoltages(bask_spike_tau, pyr_spike_tau, ipspg, bask_perc,t_curr)
		t_curr = t_curr + t_seg
	runningTime = startsw() - runningTime
	print "Running Time: ", runningTime, "iteration: ",iteration
 	if (realrunFlag){
		{fo=new File()}
		{sprint(cmd, "spikes_b%4.2f_p%5.3f_g%4.2f_f%d.dat", bask_spike_tau, pyr_spike_tau,ipspg,bask_perc)}
		{fo=new File()}
		{sprint(cmd, "sum_b%4.2f_p%5.3f_g%4.2f_f%d.dat", bask_spike_tau, pyr_spike_tau,ipspg,bask_perc)}
		pr.writeParameters(bask_spike_tau, pyr_spike_tau, gapstyle, ipspg, bask_nospike_tau, pyr_nospike_tau, antennaDC, Tstop, t_seg) //write parameters to file
	return id
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Re: Plotting the Network of a Model

Post by ted »

neurosciencesado wrote:I am trying to plot the network of a model uploaded in ModelDB.
Several important points must be made clear:
1. NEURON has no facility for plotting network architecture. If a model has multiple cell instances and a Shape plot is created, all of the cell morphologies may appear in the Shape plot, but even if you are careful about cell position and orientation (by adjusting each cell instance's pt3d data), the connections between them will not be shown.
2. The GUI does not work for models that use ParallelContext. This is not a "bug" or intrinsic limitation of NEURON itself--you won't find GUIs on parallel hardware running any parallelized software, regardless of the nature of that software. When executing a parallelized NEURON model on an individual PC, you might or might not be able to bring up one or more graphs, but do not expect them to show anything useful.
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