Adding a Calbar to Figures

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Adding a Calbar to Figures

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Hi all,

I am wondering how I can add a calibration bar to a plot in NEURON. I want to just show the trace without the axes (which I can do by clicking the 'hide axis' command) and have a small line segment in a corner illustrating the x and y scales. Can this be done easily? Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it.

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Re: Adding a Calbar to Figures

Post by ted »

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$o1 objref that points to Graph that is to be marked with a vertical cal bar
$2,$3 origin of cal bar
$4 length of cal bar
$5 line style
proc makecal() {
  $o1.beginline(1,$5) // 1 for black
Example: if g is an objref that points to an instance of the Graph class,
makecal(g, 0,0, 1, 2)
draws a black vertical line with origin (0,0), length 1, and line style 2.
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