computing impedances...

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Re: computing impedances...

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Thanks Ted, that's a terrific help (and has saved a lot of simulation time!)
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Re: computing impedances...

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Hi Ted,

my question is related to this thread, as I am trying to reproduce the impedance-frequency plot that has been discussed in this thread.

I am using the GUI tool. When I clicked on 'include dstate/dt contribution', neuron started to run calculations, which did not finish even after a day, so I guess something must be wrong. Do you have an idea?

Here's a screen shot: https://katharinawilmes.files.wordpress ... quency.png

Thanks a lot!
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Re: computing impedances...

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Do you have an idea?
Without more information, let alone access to your code, I can't begin to guess whether the cause of problem is in your code or in NEURON. Did any error message appear in the interpreter window? Did you initialize the model before launching the impedance GUI tool? What version of NEURON are you using? (just in case there's a known problem--but I haven't heard of one)
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