OS X 10.4: warnings when running nrnivmodl

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OS X 10.4: warnings when running nrnivmodl

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On 5/23/2005 in reply to Arnd Roth <arnd.roth@ucl.ac.uk>, Michael Hines <michael.hines@yale.edu> wrote:
> Neuron works fine for me on Mac OS X 10.4, including the compilation of .mod files,
> but I'm getting some warning messages about multiple definitions of symbols:

I'm glad to hear that. It could have turned out that the 10.3 libraries I link to
were incompatible with 10.4 libraries. That was a problem I had between
10.2 and 10.3. I don't have tiger yet.

> /usr/bin/ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _dlclose

That is interesting. It used to be the case that os x did not have a dlopen, dlclose
unix style for dynamically loading shared objects. Therefore the file nrn/src/nrnoc/osxdlfcn.c
was used to interface between standard unix style dlopen and the mac os x style

I guess my version is obsolete but I would have to install tiger in order to verify
that the mac supplied dlopen will work for us. I believe the warnings are benign
and you are using my version of the dlopen.
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