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Basic use

Post by crossley »

I just downloaded the most recent disk image for OSX. I am unclear how to use the program. Tutorials instruct to "enter nrniv," but they don't say what directory to do this in. I can run the example "neurondemo" which allows me to use the interpreter and play around with the gui but I don't know how to just start up nrniv without going through the demo.

What do I do to use NEURON after I have downloaded the disk image and copied the files to a directory on my machine?

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Post by ted »

I'm not a Mac user, but I'd expect you should be able to find a folder
somewhere that contains something called nrngui. Double clicking on
nrngui ought to start a NEURON session and bring up a Neuron Main Menu
(this would be equivalent to typing
at the system prompt under Linux and UNIX, or in an xterm under OS X
with Xwindows installed).

To start NEURON and have it read a hoc file immediately after it starts,
I'd guess that you'd have to drag and drop the hoc file onto the nrngui icon.

To check a mod file for units consistency, drag and drop the mod file onto

To compile a bunch of mod files and produce a nrnmech.dll, drag the folder
that contains the mod files and drop it onto mknrndll.

Let me know whether or not this works, or whether you discover that there
is some other trick. Otherwise, I am sure that there are Mac users who can
correct any misstatements I may have made.

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