"parallel" (not really) use of neuron

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"parallel" (not really) use of neuron

Post by tpv »

hi there!

i am running a long simulation with neuron, and i would like to play with a different program at the same time. Is it possible to start neuron a second time without them interfering with each other? Is there somethings i should have to look out for?

I am working on a mac, and when i start the second instance of neuron, it asks me if i want to start it with "nrniv" rather than with "nrngui". Hmm i haven't dared using it. Should I?

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Post by ted »

This truly has nothing to do with "parallel NEURON," so I moved it to the OS X discussion

Have no fear. UNIX/Linux/OS X, even lowly MSWin, can run multiple instances of NEURON.
They will execute serially, so if one of them has a big problem to chew on, it may take a while
before the others get a turn.

Post by tpv »

hey again.

There is a small trick that is good to know, it turns out. To start multiple instances of NEURON on a mac, it seems that for the first instance it is enough to simply double click the hoc file. For the second instance, one has to drag the file over the nrngui icon in the applications folder/dock. Otherwise the mac tries to run the second .hoc file with older versions of NEURON (or something weird like that).

Thanks anyhow for the advice.

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