Properties of the shell for nrngui

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Properties of the shell for nrngui

Post by kstadler »


the position of the neuron shell can be changed by setting the geometry option for rxvt

-geometry HxW+L+T

at \lib\

H(eigth) and W(idth) are given in terms of number of characters and L(eft) and T(op) appear to be expressed in screen pixels.

By the way: by setting -fg / -bg it is possible to change foreground and background colour.

So, a shell window starting below the NeuronMainMenu at the upper left corner in white on black reads as
rxvt -fn 16 -fg white -bg black -sl 1000 -geometry 70x24+0+75 -e nrniv $*

Hope, someone finds it useful
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Re: Properties of the shell for nrngui

Post by ted »

Nice tip, Konstantin. You can also change the appearance of the terminal created by the "rxvt sh" icon by editing the command associated with the icon (in english MicroSoft calls this the "target" string). For example, the default string for NEURON 7.0 is
C:\nrn70\bin\rxvt.exe -fn 16 -fg black -bg white -sl 1000 -e c:\nrn70\bin\bash --rcfile c:\nrn70\lib\ -i
and changing it to
C:\nrn70\bin\rxvt.exe -fn 16 -fg blue -bg white -sl 1000 -geometry 90x35+20+30 -e c:\nrn70\bin\bash --rcfile c:\nrn70\lib\ -i
gives a wider and taller area with blue text on white background.
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