Computational Neuroscientist Position at MITRE

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Computational Neuroscientist Position at MITRE

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From an email dated 4/30/2008 that I received from the Connectionists mailing list on 5/1/2008:
The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization in McLean VA
(, has several opportunities to work with
forward-looking government sponsors seeking to apply the mechanisms and
principles of biological intelligence to longstanding problems of
national importance.


Key Functions:
-- Assist Government Program Managers in developing and managing
research programs that exploit our growing understanding of the
neurobiological basis of intelligent behavior.
-- Monitor and assess the technical state-of-the-art in cognitive and
computational neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering.
-- Identify opportunities for applying emerging insights from
neuroscience research towards problems in the domains of: artificial
intelligence, integrated circuit design, automated perception,
robotics, human performance, and human-computer interaction.
-- Perform original research as necessary to answer specific questions
or to provide a proof of concept. Prepare technical presentations,
reports and tutorials as necessary to communicate progress and findings
to colleagues and government sponsors.

Desired Education / Experience:
Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence or
related engineering discipline. Experience in computational
neuroscience and neuromorphic electronic hardware is preferred.

Required Skills:
-- Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative concepts in the
computational and cognitive neurosciences
-- Proficiency in one or more of the leading computational/cognitive
neuroscience modeling tools and/or frameworks
-- Outstanding oral and written communication skills, including the
ability to clearly present complex technical concepts to both technical
and non-technical personnel
-- Ability to plan, conduct and publish original scientific research --
including the ability to consider alternative approaches and to
identify factors affecting cost or risk

Desired Skills:
-- Familiarity with hardware-based implementations of neural systems,
e.g. neuromorphic VLSI
-- Computer programming skills, particularly in Matlab and C/C++
-- Proficiency in PDP++, NEURON, Genesis, or any of several popular
neural modeling tools
-- Strong knowledge of current theoretical and experimental trends in
the areas of learning, memory, and visual attention preferred

Please apply online at:
When applying, please reference Req ID: 9336
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