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Accessing Network and Channel Builder internal variables

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:55 am
by ted
Since NEURON 5.9.39, the Network Builder and Channel Builder GUI tools allow activation of "aliases" that provide direct access from hoc to internal variables such as rate constants.

For an example of how to activate and access a Channel Builder's aliases, see
MRF on Channels? under Optimization
Also see Single Channel Simulation under Adding new mechanisms and functions to NEURON

For a Network Builder's aliases, start by clicking on
Net Variables
and then select
Provide NetGUI[0].aliases.
From this point, usage is similar to that described for the Channel Builder.

Addendum: in recent versions of NEURON (at least since 2007, if not earlier), Channel Builder aliases are a bit simpler and more mnemonic--see this example of a discussion of how to implement temperature-dependent rate transitions