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Efficient Google searches of ModelDB and NEURON's WWW site

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:18 pm
by ted
1. You can use Google to search SenseLab or ModelDB.
Just type in the key words you want, plus site:
to search all of SenseLab, or site:
to search just in ModelDB. For example: to find all mentions of the phrase "h current"
in ModelDB, use Google to search for
"h current" site:
Thanks to NEURON Forum User kathryn for suggesting searches with the "site:" tag.

2. The Google search field at the bottom of NEURON's home page
typically brings up way too many hits to be very useful. Search results can be sharpened
by eliminating those that reference the ftp site, trac, phpbb2, and sun. To do this,

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-ftp -trac -phpbb2 -sun
in the search string.