No rar, doc, or winmail.dat files, please!

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No rar, doc, or winmail.dat files, please!

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When emailing files for debugging, please do not include .c, .o, or .dll files. These will not be useful to us, and will only take up extra Inbox space.

Also, please avoid sending files in the following formats:

Instead, use zip or one of the standard UNIX/Linux archive formats e.g. tar or gzipped tar (tgz).

doc (Microsoft Word)
Use plain text, html, gif, png, jpeg, or pdf instead.

winmail.dat is a format for email attachments that Microsoft seems to have invented merely to prevent interoperability between users of Microsoft products and everybody else. Non-Microsoft email clients, such as Thunderbird, do not know what to do with winmail.dat. Third party conversion programs are available, such as ktnef (also see ... linux.html) that can translate winmail.dat to more usable formats, but these require extra steps on the part of the email recipient. If you must send an attachment, please use plain text, or a generic encoding such as zip, tar, or gzipped tar (tgz). has a short article that includes instructions for how to avoid sending winmail.dat attachments--see
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