PSP Literature--Need Something Comprehensive

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PSP Literature--Need Something Comprehensive

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I have many books and have visited so many web resources, but have never been able to find any comprehensive description of what is known about PSPs. I only find extremely broad overviews or extremely spotty details--and even those aren't plentiful.

Can someone point me to a good reference? Or, give me a good description of how the reception of a neurotransmitter leads to specific contributions of electrical voltage to the suma (w/ references)? Or at least, how does Neuron calculate this and why?
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To answer your question about NEURON, see Chapter 4 of The NEURON Book, or read
Hines, M.L. and Carnevale, N.T.
The NEURON simulation environment.
Neural Computation 9:1179-1209, 1997
or its preprint available from

For your other questions, see the relevant sections in one or more of the following books:
Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology by Johnston and Wu
Electric Current Flow in Excitable Cells by Jack, Noble, and Tsien
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology by Hammond
From Neuron to Brain by Nicholls et al.
The Theoretical Foundation of Dendritic Function by Segev et al.
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