Frequency dependent activation of g protein models

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Frequency dependent activation of g protein models

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I am working on NEURON+python implementation of neuromodulatory synapses. I have models for M4 receptors which takes a acetylcholine concentration as input parameter and a nitric oxide model which is a slow excitatory current ( using the Exp2syn but with modified time constants).

I was wondering if there are implementations of frequency dependent activation of neuromodulatory synapses. For example the activation of the receptors should be different depending on the frequency of the presynaptic cell (up to 1-3 s back in time). Hence the model has to record the spiking of the cell for 1-3 s and then depending on the frequency during that time activate the synaptic model.

I have thought about implementing it with a IntFire1 - which integrates the spiking but I would like a solution which is not binary but continuous with frequency dependence.

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