Fitting experimental model and simulation model

The basics of how to develop, test, and use models.
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Fitting experimental model and simulation model

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Hi Ted,
I have built a network model of fish. The spike train obtained by this model was then analyzied and compared with the real fish. At first, the artifitial model and the real one did not fit each other. Then I tried to change some parameters, such as: synaptic weight, delay time, length, resistance and diameter of soma, axon and dend, to fit two models. However the values of these parameters need to be very big to obtain fitting results (for example, the weight of inhibitory synapse is up to 750) - the figure I see in your tutorial model is thus from 0 to 1. With your experience, what do you think I should adjust? Is this reasonable to set the syntaptic weight and resistance of neurons in the head part different from neurons in the tail because the tail is more flexible than the head?
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Re: Fitting experimental model and simulation model

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I can't really advise you because I don't have any real understanding of your model. A computatonal model is almost a "virtual organism" whose behavior can only be discovered by performing experiments on it.
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