Attach IZH model to a cell

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Attach IZH model to a cell

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I have a very basic cell which I took from: ... /tutB.html

Basically, it's a Soma and two dendrites.
nseg = 1 for soma and nseg = 5 for both the dendrites.

I want to use IZH model for the cell.
What I am basically trying to do is, inject some current through one of the dendrites and measure the membrane voltage on the soma & dendrites.

For the soma, I just need to do:
soma stim_izh = new IZH(0.5), since nseg=1.

For the dendrites, do I need to insert it to locations where each segment is ? something like:
dend[1] dend_izh[0] = new IZH(0.0)
dend[1] dend_izh[0] = new IZH(0.2)
dend[1] dend_izh[0] = new IZH(0.4)
dend[1] dend_izh[0] = new IZH(0.6)
dend[1] dend_izh[0] = new IZH(0.8)

For the dendrites, there should not be any spike, so I will need to fit IZH model parameters to match the HH-model.
Hence, segment by segment I will need to fit and ultimately at the soma, I should be able to fit IZH parameters such that it spikes. (how will the injected current change from dendrite to soma ?)

I am new to this domain, I need to know if this experiment will work ? am I thinking something wrong ?
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Re: Attach IZH model to a cell

Post by ted »

What IZH model are you referring to?
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