Inject the pulse train

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Inject the pulse train

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Hi Ted,
I'm trying to inject a pulse train into my cell. I used the .mod file that you posted here:

A: Right you are. Pick up, and unzip it into an empty directory. This creates a subdirectory called pulsedistrib, which contains Ipulse1.mod, Ipulse2.mod, readme.txt, and test_1_and_2.hoc. Read readme.txt, compile the mod files, and then use NEURON to load test_1_and_2.hoc, which is a simple demo of these two current pulse generators. pulsedistrib also contains ipulse3.mod,, and test_3.hoc, which address the next question in this list.
I used pulse1.mod, and here are my code:

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objref stimTrain
soma stimTrain=new Ipulse1(0.5)

proc stimul(){


But for some reason I didn't see any stimulation. Did I do anything wrong? This seems like a very straightforward coding.
Thanks Ted. I always have lots of questions~

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Re: Inject the pulse train

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Works fine for me. Did you compile the mod files with mknrndll (or nrnivmodl for Linux)? Did you click on the Init & Run button?
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