Network Builder error message "section is unnamed"

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Post by shahali »

Dear Ted, thanks a lot for your replies. I use Network cell to create 2 cells but at Network Builder when attached them together and then click on the create bottom and hoc file this error comes on. What’s the problem?

nrniv: section is unnamed
near line 2
SectionRef[0].unname )
CellBuildTopology[0].validname )
CellBuildTopology[0].consist )
CellBuild[0].consist )
and others
initcode failed with 1 left
nrniv: First call to file_chooser must at least specify r or w
near line 2
File[5].chooser )
NetGUI[0].hocfile )
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Post by ted »

This is a very strange error message. Can't tell you the cause or how to fix it without seeing
the code that produced it. If you zip up just those hoc, ses, and mod files that are necessary
to reproduce it, and send them to me
ted dot carnevale at yale dot edu
I'll let you know what I find out.
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