time reqd to plot graph

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Amal Afzal Shaikh

time reqd to plot graph

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hi Ted,
i hv a problem with the action potential plot/graph obtained for network which i hv designed using gui.. the response takes a lot of time to get plotted for a stop time of 1000msec,2000msec and 5000msec...its takes almost an hour to get these responses... pls help..
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Under MSWin, screen updates slow down considerably after more than a few thousand
points have been plotted in a graph. There might be an undocumented system call that
avoids this problem (undocumented system calls were used successfully by MicroSoft in
the early 1990s to enhance the performance of Word and Excel vs. competitors WordStar,
WordPerfect, Lotus 123 etc.).

But whether you're using MSWin, Linux, or OS X, the best strategy for dealing with long
simulations is to use the Vector class's record() method to capture the variables of interest,
then save or plot them after the end of the simulation.
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