net_send and net_receive

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net_send and net_receive

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I am new to this forum as well as the neuron software and i had a question regarding the net_send and net_receive blocks, llike how does these blocks actually work in neuron software. I want to use it for making a pulse train for my input to the neuron.

If anybody could help me out in this regard that would be of great help to me and i would really appreciate that.

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The contents of the NET_RECEIVE block specify what happens when an event
is delivered to a point process or artificial spiking neuron.
There is no net_send block. net_send is used to send a self event (an event
that is delivered, after some delay, to the same point process or artificial
spiking cell that produced it in the first place).

A good way to start learning more about these topics is by reading chapter
10 of The NEURON Book, or at least this article
Hines, M.L. and Carnevale, N.T.
Discrete event simulation in the NEURON environment.
Neurocomputing 58-60:1117-1122, 2004
which you can get from a link at
making a pulse train for my input to the neuron.
So you will want to create a NetStim to generate events that are conducted
by a NetCon to a target. The target will either be an artificial spiking neuron
(e.g. IntFire1, IntFire2, IntFire4), or a point process with a NET_RECEIVE
block (e.g. ExpSyn or Exp2Syn) that is attached to a biophysical model
neuron. These are all described in the Programmer's Reference--
NetStim ... ml#NetStim
NetCon ... tml#NetCon
IntFire1 ... l#IntFire1
IntFire2 ... l#IntFire2
IntFire4 ... l#IntFire4
ExpSyn ... tml#ExpSyn
Exp2Syn ... ml#Exp2Syn
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