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Amal Afzal Shaikh

ph info

Post by Amal Afzal Shaikh » the standard value assigned for conductances in neuron based on the ph?
2.which ph (intracellular or extracellular) do v consider whn v work with condutance changes caused due to epilepsy?
3. if i need to change the cell builder parameters or add new cells to the network, hpw do i go abt it? i hv been usin gui for modelling networks.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Raj »

Very few conductances modeled in NEURON depend on pH. Most of them depend on membrane potential only and many others depend on internal ion concentrations of calcium, potassium and sodium. Because the dependence on pH is conceptually not different from depending on other ion concentrations you should probably look at those for inspiration. If you are also buffering pH having a good look at calcium related conductances is probably the best place to start.
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