gui for network modelling

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Amal Afzal Shaikh

gui for network modelling

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is using gui feasible for generating a network model? i cant understand network modelling by writing hoc gui can v change the cell builder parameters after a simulation.. i tried includin a inhibitory synapse but there was no effect on the plot..
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The GUI tools for building nets are intended for quick prototyping of small networks that
can be tested and mined for reusable hoc code.* The properties of biophysical model cell
classes in the Network Builder's "palette" are governed by the NetReadyCellGUI tools
as they exist at the time that the Network Builder is created. Changes that are made
to NetReadyCellGUI tools are not propagated to an existing Network Builder (this would
be the same as redefining a template during a session, which hoc does not allow).
Properties of artificial spiking cell classes are defined by the ArtCellGUI tool; after a
Network Builder has been created, parameters of the artificial cell types can be changed
and this will have an effect.

*--Chapter 11 of The NEURON Book walks through a detailed example of how to do this.
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