Creating multiple nclists

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Krishna Chaitanya
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Creating multiple nclists

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Is there a way to create multiple nclists in the following way? Suppose, I want to create nclist0, nclist1....nclist100. How can I do this? Can it be done using a loop?

for i=0, 100 {
objref nclist%d
nclist%d=new List()

I do not know whether this is possible. Just had a thought. Can we do it by any possible means? Thank you.
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Re: Creating multiple nclists

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One could
objref foo[NUMBER]
for i = 0,NUMBER-1 foo = new ClassName()
However, it is preferable to use lists to manage multiple instances of any class--including multiple instances of lists. The chief problem with using "arrays of objrefs" is that such code does not scale well--arrays have fixed size, and one always has to keep track of the actual number of objrefs in any array. This contrasts sharply with lists, which make it easy to
--add new objrefs (e.g.

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objref listoflists
listoflists = new List()
for i=0,NUMBER-1 listoflists.append(new List())
// later you need to add another list
listoflists.append(new List())
--discover how many objrefs are in a list
--delete any objref in the list
regardless of how many objrefs are in a particular list.
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