most RAM efficient connections?

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most RAM efficient connections?

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I am looking for the most RAM efficient connection under NEURON. I want to simulate large (>200k) networks of either Integrate and Fire or McCulloch-Pitts units. These cases are usually RAM limited by the amount of connections.
I am using a simple hoc file (attached below) which requires ~150MB for 1M connections. This seems to indicate ~150 byte per connection (NetCon). Is this correct? Are there any other more efficient way to generate connections?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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objref nc[nsyn], s,c

c=new IntFire1()

s = new NetStim(0.5)

for i=0, nsyn-1 {	
	nc[i] = new NetCon(s,c,0,0,weight*1.e-3)

tstop = 100
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Post by hines »

try reconfiguring (and then rebuilding)
using the configure argument
And please let me know how much size reduction that achieved. Bill Lytton may also be able to comment on his attempts to reduce the NetCon footprint.
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