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Introducing the "matexp" solver

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2023 1:20 pm
by David McDougall

I'd like to introduce you to the "matexp" program. The matexp program solves Markov kinetic models for the NEURON simulator. It is faster and more accurate than the built-in "sparse" solver.

The matexp program uses a new method of integration. It characterizes the model at compile-time and stores that information in a specialized look-up table so that it is very fast at run-time. The method is limited to systems which are linear and time-invariant, and with less than three inputs.

To use the matexp program, you need to provide:
  • the ".mod" file to be solved,
  • the name of the ".mod" file to write the solved equations to,
  • the time step of integration "dt",
  • the temperature of the simulation "c",
  • a list of the inputs to the model,
    and the range of possible values for each input,
    and if the input is a chemical concentration, use the "--log" flag.

Code: Select all

pip install matexp
matexp --time_step .05 --celsius 37 --input v -120 +120 Nav11.mod Nav11_solved.mod
The matexp program is free and open source, hosted on github:

For more information about the new method of integration see: ...

I hope you find this useful.
Sincerely, David McDougall